Saturday, February 25, 2012

op shopping across the universe.......

I do have rather a thing for opshopping (or thrifting or junking, all depends from whence you come)

Today I found a little lemon dress, sweet and most likely vile to some, but whose darling deer could not be ignored. I'll be foisting it upon a little girl soon (youwhooooo Mara)

I also found not one but 5 vintage wool blankets, my goodness. I now definitely have far too many for a sane person.

I may have a few other purchases such as the hat rack that the dress is hung off and some vintage kitchen paraphernalia but we shall not speak of those ;)


  1. Love it mwahahaha maybe Mila will cringe when looking back at childhood pictures after all

  2. Hehe - funny about the deer. I have a vintage flannel pillowcase with the same motif - I adore it so there. The blankets and super pretty rich colours nom nom