Saturday, February 25, 2012

op shopping across the universe.......

I do have rather a thing for opshopping (or thrifting or junking, all depends from whence you come)

Today I found a little lemon dress, sweet and most likely vile to some, but whose darling deer could not be ignored. I'll be foisting it upon a little girl soon (youwhooooo Mara)

I also found not one but 5 vintage wool blankets, my goodness. I now definitely have far too many for a sane person.

I may have a few other purchases such as the hat rack that the dress is hung off and some vintage kitchen paraphernalia but we shall not speak of those ;)

auto repeat

I do feel like I repeat myself every few months, swearing my long period of silence, then wee flurries would be the last and I'd then dedicate myself to blogging and locket' you do ;) But here we are meeting again under the same circumstances. Eeeeep she says *blush*
I've had a busy *less than fabulously warm Canterbury summer* Lets be honest, summer here on my home grounds has been mediocre!! Beautiful, but not exactly scorching!

Wednesday just past was the 1 year anniversary of the Christchurch earthquakes, the 'quake that killed 185 people and broke not only ours, but so many other's homes :( 
As a way to remember those lost and to also brighten that day, everyone put flowers into the road cones that abound in our city! And my goodness, they certainly made me well up...almost every single cone I saw that day had flowers in them and if not, well wee lad and I added some. February 22nd 2011 changed so many lives, but it has really shown me how strong our city, our country really is.. Pictured is the cone outside our old home.