Monday, September 6, 2010

what flavour was your earthquake??

awakening in pitch black, being thrown about ...trying to sit up with baby in arms and falling out of the bed. Trying to find the doorway, the other kids. Being on a hill, in a house on a perch. We huddled in our kitchen away from windows and heavy objects, camped under blankets at the back door. Ready to run outside if things slid, but wary of power lines. So much for emergency kits. We had what we needed, thank goodness. I darted back through the house to get things. The boy read his book by candlelight. The girl curled up to nap through all the aftershocks. Little loon had to be put in his carrier on dada, he did not even want his booba. Yeah my flavour earthquake was not cool, too too, scary. Yes some things broke, but we are fine. Our house is sound. Stuff is stuff. Poor old Christchurch, your skirt's been asundered :(

its subtle, but spot the big crack behind the Harbourlight's facade, not looking good.

                     Alvarados mexican restaurant, manchester st, chch :(

Thursday, September 2, 2010


 not much crafting going on here today...little man will not play ball and sleep for me! Speak of the devil there he screams again. Come on buddy mummy wants to do some sewing! :( He's lucky he's cute!! ;)


Mmmmmm dribbling over your fabric mail hannah!;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I really really need to go to bed, I really really need to stop dicking with the blog templates and go to bed....... apparently its five past one

finding fabric at the back door.......mmmmmmm

teeny tiny zoo in choc and birdseed in yellow from hawthorne threads