Friday, March 25, 2011

still about...

...just suffering earthquake brain as my dear mama describes it.
Our home is in Lyttelton, the epicentre of the Feb 22nd shake. We havent slept in our own beds since the night before and I don't think we will that house anyway. But we are all safe and well and staying with family out near Rangiora, its an upheaval for everyone in so many ways.
But tis not all doom as having live in babysitters has allowed me some sewing time!
I've sewn some darling vintage dresses, wee patch pants and a kimono style pj top and have more to come.
If you lovelies have an idea for a bloggy giveaway do let me know and I'll get onto something soon. I'm also  up for some custom sewing and have winter wears in mind for small chaps and lasses.
I have a sweet blokey Scrabbit here to auction to raise funds for Chch. I need to look into what is setup to help displaced and abandoned pets as there are so many and its heartbreaking. I will direct the $ raised towards that cause.
Jolly dial up hasn't been conducive to blogging and running my facebook giveaway last week had me feeling dialup rage as I tried to load things...hence such a length of locket quiteness on here *blush*

Bye for now, shall be back soon with photos!
Take care out there xx